Friends and family members have given me all sorts of wonderful clothes for Paulie.  I’m learning which brands I do and don’t like.  Here’s my summary so far:

Carter’s: Oh how I love Carter’s baby clothes.  They’re incredibly soft and they hold up really well in the wash.  Even after being washed many times they still look brand new– no pilling or fading.  Paulie won’t keep his socks or slippers on, so I put him in fleece footsie PJs at night, or in Carter’s cotton footsie duckie pants if he’s sweating.  All of Paulie’s Carter’s clothes are high quality, from the onesies to the pjs to the outfits.  If you’re lucky enough to have a Carter’s outlet store nearby, you can buy Carter’s clothing there at 50% off.  Babies R Us frequently has sales on Carter’s clothing, and I believe that Sears does as well.  I bought my favorite set of Carter’s onesies for Paulie at TJ Max, and paid $10 for a five-piece set.  I’ve also found some Carter’s outfits and pjs at Sam’s Club at a really good price.  The Carter’s off brands at Walmart and Target (Child of Mine and Just One Year, respectively) feel scratchy and also feel thinner than the regular Carter’s, and so I haven’t bought any of those.  I did receive a Just One Year outfit for Paulie, and it’s gotten pilled in the wash.  The “real” Carter’s are more than worth the money.

Cisco: This Target brand is super-soft, and they have a display where you can mix and match baby clothes for $4 a piece.  I bought a onesie for Paulie that was too cute for words– it had a fish on it and said “I’m a keeper.”  These do start to pill some in the wash after a while, but I’ll keep buying them because they’re so soft, so cute, and so well priced.

Faded Glory Organic Cotton: Yes, you can afford organic clothes for your baby!  Walmart has three-piece sets of organic baby clothes for $7.  Right now they also have Faded Glory Organic jean jackets and jeans– soooo cute.  Paulie will definitely be getting some of those once the weather cools off.  A friend bought me a three-piece set that had a onesie, a shirt and shorts.  They’re incredibly soft, and come in the same baby “trends” (this one had lobsters) as more expensive baby clothing.  (Not that I really care about the trends, but it was nice that I could match the red lobster outfit from Walmart with the lobster hat I bought on sale at Gymboree).

Gymboree: Gymboree clothes are just incredibly precious.  I absolutely love the styles.  Paulie has a little alligator outfit that a friend bought him, complete with alligator socks and a matching alligator rattle.  It’s absolutely adorable.  Paulie also has Gymboree footsie pjs that I bought secondhand from my favorite consignment store.  I can see why moms get addicted to Gymboree– I love, love, love the way these clothes look.  However, they really don’t hold up that well in the wash– they start to pill– and considering how expensive they are, I expected a lot better from them.  They are nice and soft, though, so I’ll probably continue to buy Gymboree clothes for Paulie, at least for outwear, since I won’t have to wash the outerwear that much.  There socks are the thickest, softest socks that Paulie has, and on top of being incredibly cute they don’t fray in the wash and let loose lots of tiny strings that could cut off the circulation on Paulie’s toes!  I’ll definitely keep buying their socks.  As far as their regular clothes, though, they’re really too expensive, especially considering how poorly they hold up in the wash.  I found an item on the sale rack for $18!  Seriously!?  For the short period of time that Paulie fits into his clothes?  I don’t think so.

Koala Brothers: Babies R Us sells this brand of incredibly cute clothes.  They hold up really well in the wash. 

Okie Dokie: This J.C. Penny brand


Hi!  Great news on the job front.  This past week I started nannying, and taking Paulie with me.  I’m nannying for a little boy (I’ll call him Munchkin here) who’s the same age as Paulie.  It’s working out incredibly well.  I’m able to make a little money without being seperated from my sweet little boy!  And since the boys are the same age, they’re interested in the same things.  We’re filling our days with long walks in the double stroller and with trips to the park.  I feel so lucky.

Here’s a picture of Paulie the day before he turned three months old:

I just wanted to jot down some cute little notes about our life with Paulie…

Paulie wore his dinosaur onesie the other day, that says “Snugglesaurus” on it, and Sweetie made up a Snugglesaurus song to sing to him.  They are so cute together 🙂

Yesterday Paulie and I went on a marathon 5 1/2 hour playdate!!  It was wonderful, I got together with two women I know from my old job.  Between the two of them they have 4 daughters and one son, and the girls just looooved Paulie.  And Paulie just looooved the attention!  He was absolutely wiped when we got home.  He didn’t get a proper nap while we were out on our playdate– he dozed off a few times but never stayed asleep for long.  Too much excitement!  🙂

This morning I attached Paulie’s play mirror to the toy bar of his bouncy seat.  I’d never seen him so excited and interested!  He “talked” to the baby in the mirror!  I loved it!

Right now Paulie is snuggled up asleep in my lap, dozing while I type 🙂  Pure bliss.

Here he is in his boucy seat, wearing his organic Under the Nile outfit:

Does anyone have any ideas for toys that will entertain a baby, while giving Mommy a chance to get things done?  He likes the toys on his toy bar, but he’s begun to get bored with them– surely there are other things that would entertain him?

Sweetie and I talked last night.  He asked around at work about the cost of childcare, and found out that we’d probably pay about $200-$300 a week for a sitter for Paulie (day care is out of the question, I insist).  After about choking (I imagine), he suggested that it might make more sense for me to go back to school now, since we wouldn’t need to pay for child care if I were in school full time (or at least, we’d need to pay for very little).  Paulie naps well, and is happy to chill in his bouncy seat while I work on the computer, and so I could get my school work done at home while Paulie naps, while Sweetie takes care of him in the evenings, and after Paulie goes to bed.  I could continue to teach the little boy with autism on the weekends like I have been doing, for the extra money.  Then, presumably, once I have a doctorate (Ph.D. or Ed.D.) I could earn more money and actually be able to afford child care (!).

I loooooove this idea.  First of all, I wouldn’t have to be away from Paulie so much.  I know that when he’s older he’s probably going to be really active, and I won’t be able to work on the computer while he just sits in his bouncy seat (ha!  dare to dream).  But I’d still hopefully only need child care while I’m in class, and during the times when I actually have to be at the School of Education building.  So score MAJOR points for not having to be away from my little boy too much.  But also, I just love school.  Really, I do.  I love being in school myself– yes, I love taking classes and even enjoy the challenge of taking tests!– and I loved working in the pre-K and kindergarten classes.  Loooooved it.  And I still have all sorts of pre-K and kindergarten educational materials lying around the house– I just *love* teaching little kids.  So going back to school for a doctorate in Elementary Education would be perfect for me.  I could (hopefully) even use a good bit of my credits from my Master’s degree to put towards my Ph.D.

There are a few problems, though.  First of all, I couldn’t officially enter the Ph.D. program until next fall.  I do *not* want to work full time for a year, especially when Paulie’s so little and vulnerable.  Bad timing!  I could probably start taking classes this Spring, but I’m afraid that I would have to pay for them out of pocket (gulp!) since I can’t get financial aid until I’m admitted into a doctoral program full time.  We defininitely can’t afford to pay for my classes out of pocket.  I’m going to talk to my advisor from graduate school, though, and see if there’s anyting that she could do to get funding for me… you  never know.  I hope to get my Ph.D. from the school where I earned my Master’s, and my advisor and I have a really special relationship.  So who knows… I’m just so afraid to ask, and hear that I’ll have to wait a year to start school, and be away from my baby for a year…  **GULP**

But maybe the fact that childcare is so expensive makes it not make sense for me to work in the meantime?  Because there’s also the cost of gas for me to get to work, plus the cost of disposable diapers, since I’m assuming that a sitter wouldn’t allow us to send cloth.  And I’ll need some sort of basic work wardrobe if I go back to work, as I highly doubt my pre-baby clothes will fit at this point.  And I’d probably also need to get a haircut on a regular basis– lots of little expenses.  However, if sweetie gets laid off, then we definitely need for me to have a job, if only for the health insurance.  And if Sweetie’s laid off, he’d be home with Paulie– which I would feel so, so much better about than Paulie being with a sitter.  Sweetie is Paulie’s daddy, after all!  But it’s not as if Sweetie has plans to be a stay-at-home dad.  And his earning potential is much higher than mine, just because of the fields we’re in.

I’d really like to go back to school– Keep your fingers crossed that Sweetie keeps his job, and that I find a way to start school this coming Spring, instead of having to wait until next year!!  **

My husband’s company looks like it’s up for yet *another* round of layoffs, and so I need to go back to work.  Honesty, financially we need me to go back to work either way, so that we can buy a house and give Paulie all of the things he needs.

I’m really upset about having to go back to work (not that I’ve found a job yet, but I am looking).  I can’t imagine leaving Paulie with someone else all day.  What if she doesn’t do things the way I would?  What if he loves her more than he does me?  I know that’s silly, but how is he supposed to know that I’m the Momma if he spends his days with someone else?

I know that it’s not about me– I want what’s best for Paulie.  Maybe it’s self-centered, but I like being the Mommy, feeling special.  Paulie’s still young enough that he doesn’t really show much of a preference for me versus, say, complete strangers– although people point out to me that he responds to my voice.  He’s a great little guy, and I’m extrememly grateful to have him in my life, I feel like I shouldn’t complain about this.  But it kills me to think of having to be away from him all day.

I work on the weekends now, while Sweetie is home with Paulie, to bring in some money.  And I *love* working on the weekends– it gives me a sense of accomplishment and stimulation that I don’t feel on a normal day at home.  I’m teaching a great little boy who has autism, a real cutie, and I love getting out of the house and using my brain.  I love it!  And I don’t worry about Paulie because he’s home with Sweetie.

But after being away from Paulie for most of the weekend, I ache for him.  And leaving Paulie with Daddy is very different than leaving Paulie with a sitter.  What if she (assuming the sitter is female) feeds him foods that I don’t want him to have?  What if she leaves him in front of the TV all day?  And again, what if he loves her more than me?  I know this is extremely sillty and insecure, but I feel like being with kids is about putting in the time, the everyday stuff– the feedings and the diaper changes and the cuddles.  I love working part time, but I absolutely cannot bear the idea of being away from him 40 + hours/week.  Even if he were with the Best Sitter Ever.

Sweetie and I have talked about my going back for my Ph.D. (or Ed.D.).  I definitely want to do that– I’d like to get a doctorate focusing on inclusive elementary school education for children with autism.  And I think that, if I were in school, I’d only have to be away from Paulie part time.  I’d get the social interaction and intellectual stimulation that I crave, without having to be away from my baby too much.  But I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t start until next fall, and that would mean about a year of being away from Paulie too much, while he’s little.  I do need to look into that, though, and see if I could start in January.  Sweetie is on board with that– and I am definitely excited about going back to school.  Hopefully getting a Ph.D. or Ed.D. would allow me to become a professor, which seems like a very mommy-friendly job.  I definitely want a job where I can be home when Paulie gets off of school, and ideally work from home in the summers, so that I can be with him then.

In the mean time, I’d love a job where I could bring Paulie with me.  A friend of mine brings her daughter with her to work, she’s sooo lucky, and even though the job is in my field, she said that they already have too many employees’ children there.  When I was pregnant and realized that I couldn’t bear to be away from my baby, I asked my friend about working there.

My mother-in-law thinks that I should work at a day care center where I coudl bring Paulie for free.  But I hate day care centers (especially for babies) and even if I could work in an infant’s room and bring Paulie with me, how would I balance wanting to give Paulie lots of attention with taking care of the other three babies I’d be assigned to? I’d be open to nannying, if I could bring Paulie along– but I don’t think that usually provides health insurance.  Even if it did, it’s not exactly in my field, and Sweetie is right when he says that I need to stick to my field, just for my long-term career-wise.  Not that I care about my career hardly at all when I compare it to how I feel about Paulie, but we need my career in order to support Paulie.

I just don’t know how I’m supposed to be a mother in a few hours a day after work.  I want to give Paulie the best and first of my attention, not what’s left over after a long day when I’m tired.  I remember a friend telling me that, when she got home from work at the end of the day, all she could think about was getting her little guy in bed.  She “made” herself stay up and play with him, even though she was tired and had things to do– but I don’t want that for Paulie.  He’s my #1!!

So, does anyone know of jobs for a special educator/elementary educator that provide health insurance and allow you to bring your baby with you!!??  Or allow you to work from home…?

Alright, enough complaining.  I have a beautiful baby, a fabulous husband, and a good life.  Sweet little Paulie is sitting on my lap right now, moving his little hands as if he wants to type, too.  I love you, Paulie, and mommy will figure out what to do that’s best for all of us.

Here’s a picture of the sweet little cuddler, taken earlier this month:

When I was pregnant I did all sorts of research on what babies needed (hey, I did that even before I got pregnant).  I thought I had it all figured out, exactly what my baby would and wouldn’t need.  Ha!  As usual, experience is priceless.  Here’s what I consider to be the best, most useful baby products:

Bouncy seat with vibration and toy bar: I didn’t think that I’d need a bouncy seat, because I was just going to wear my baby all the time.  AHAHAHAHAHA.  Thankfully a neighbor, an experienced grandmother, gave me a bouncy seat that her granddaughter had outgrown.  I quickly discovered that it was the ONLY PLACE WHERE PAULIE WOULD LET US PUT HIM DOWN.  Paulie is a sweet, easy-going baby, but he does NOT like to be put down.  If I turn on the vibration he’ll happily snooze in the bouncy seat.  When he got older and started spending more time awake, I added the toy bar, and he was very interested in it.  That kept him entertained for quite a while.  Our bouncy seat is by Graco, and it folds flat for storage, plus the cover comes off easily and can be thrown in the washing machine (which is extrememly important!)

Graco Travel Lite Crib: Most Pack n’ Plays look absolutely enourmous to me, and we just don’t have that kind of space in our apartment.  The Graco Travel Lite Crib is significantly smaller, yet still provides plenty of space for Paulie.  It doesn’t have a changing table– the entire top is the bassinet– but I wouldn’t use a playyard changing table anyway, as it would be too low for me.  I just use the changing table in Paulie’s room.  This playyard got top safety ratings from Consumer Reports.  We keep it in our bedroom– Paulie sleeps in it at night.  I bought ours at Target, and it’s a nice blue and brown.

Aden & Anais swaddling blankets: I quickly learned that Paulie would sleep much, much longer if he were swaddled.  And oh, sleep is priceless!  We stopped needing to swaddle Paulie once he reached two months old, but before then they were absolutely neccessary.  Most of the time he wouldn’t sleep for more than 10 minutes once we put him down, if he weren’t swaddled.  The Aden & Anais blankets are generously sized, and that made it easy to swaddle him.  Also, they’re made of this wonderfully soft muslin, which is nice and lightweight (overheating increases the risk of SIDS).  One night Paulie wet through all of his swaddle blankets (we still hadn’t figured out the diaper situation at that point), and so I had to put him to bed unswaddled.  He didn’t sleep for more than 1 1/2 hours at a time.  That was a looong night.  Needless to say, the next day I went out and bought four more of these swaddle blankets!  Note: these don’t have velcro or anything to hold the swaddle together, but the swaddle still stayed put, even though Paulie is a *very* strong and active kicker.  We tried a Miracle Blanket with him but he aboslutely hated the way it restrained his arms ($30 down the drain… sigh…)

Pampers Baby Dry diapers: Paulie is a heavy wetter, and he soaked through the Huggies Little Movers over and over and over again.  We tried the Earth’s Best diapers, but he soaked through those as well (plus he reacted to them– ouch!– Paulie has very sensitive skin).  I thought we were stuck with changing all of his clothes and blankets every time we changed his diaper, until I tried Pampers Baby Dry.  Oh, how I love these diapers.  We used only disposables when we first brought Paulie home from the hospital, as we were under too much stress to add in extra laundry at that point.  Paulie, my little Super Soaker, doesn’t soak through the Pampers Baby Dry!!  And he doesn’t react to them, either!  Hooray!  I haven’t tried the Pamper’s Dry Max diapers because I’ve heard of kids getting awful chemical burns from them.  I will say that they’re not as trim as the Huggies Little Movers, but you will appreciate all of that extra diaper space when it’s holding the pee, instead of letting the pee soak through your baby’s clothes.

Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size diapers: I’ve only tried one other brand of cloth diaper, so I can’t say how these compare to, say, the Bum Genius, but I love them.  My little Super Soaker doesn’t wet through them as long as I change them frequently enough.  I bought Joeybunz hemp inserts to use with these, since Paulie’s such a heavy wetter.  These diapers are incredibly cute– I especially love the apple green color!– and the fleece inside is really soft.  The other brand of cloth diaper I tried is only available locally, so I won’t review it here– I’ll just say that it leaked.  My one complaint is that the sizing they listed is wrong.  The small size is supposed to fit up to 18 lbs– maybe Paulie’s thighs are chunkier than other babies’, but they only fit him up to 11 pounds, which was when he turned 2 months old.  Considering that I paid $18 a diaper for the Fuzzi Bunz that I bought new, I was expecting them to last longer than 2 months!  He’s in a medium Fuzzi Bunz now, but is already on the second-largest thigh snap setting.  I’m going to try him out in a large sized Fuzzi Bunz and see if that will fit, before I invest in more diapers.  At least I can use the inserts from the small Fuzzi Bunz diapers as doublers in the larger Fuzzi Bunz.  And I’ll be able to use the small Fuzzi Bunz for the next baby.  That helps the financial sting (ouch!)!

Fuzzi Bunz hanging diaper pail: this makes washing cloth diapers sooo convenient.  I just unzip the bottom of the bag, let all of the diapers fall into the washing machine, and then throw the bag into the machine with the diapers.  I love how easy it is!  I will say that this doesn’t trap smells like a sealed, plastic diaper pail does, so if you don’t do the wash often enough, the baby’s room will smell like pee.  But with the price of cloth diapers, I don’t want to buy more than I need to, so I don’t mind doing one extra load of laundry a day.  The diapers dry more quickly when I do a small load, anyway.

Safety First Complete Care Bath Center– Froggy: we bought this at Babies R Us for only $20 or $25.  It’s a three-piece bath set, which includes a bath sponge, a bath cradle, and a plastic bath tub.  We put the bath cradle inside the little tub, and then put the sponge on top of the bath cradle (the entire contraption goes in the big tub).  It’s perfect for bathing Paulie.  The bath sponge is incredibly soft and keeps Paulie from slipping down the bath cradle.  The entire thing drys thouroughly and easily, and it’s easy to store since it all nests inside one another.  I haven’t used the wash cloth that came with this set, as it’s scratchy, and I don’t use the matching cup because it’s too small.  This will be my future go-to baby shower present, though, as it’s a great price and is really convenient.

Gymboree socks: so far the best baby socks I’ve tried (not that Paulie will keep his socks on!).  The other socks I had (especially the Gerber) all looked pretty bad after just one trip through the washer– a bunch of little threads came lose, and I was afraid that one would end up wrapped around Paulie’s toe and cut off his circulation (I read about that in a parenting magazine).  I haven’t had this problem with the one pair of Gymboree socks I own, even though they’ve been washed a number of times.  Plus they’re made to look like little alligator feet, and are super cute 🙂

Carter’s fleece pajamas: since Paulie won’t keep his socks on, at night I put him in pajamas that have feet.   We like to keep our home properly refridgerated 🙂 so even though Paulie’s a summer baby, he still needs warm clothes for aroudn the house.  His Carter’s ducky pjs are incredibly soft, and have held up well in the wash.  I will be buying more of these!

Carter’s baby clothes: I love all of our Carter’s baby clothes.  They hold up better in the wash than the Gymboree clothes do– they don’t get all pilled.  They’re incredibly thick and soft.  Fabulous!  I haven’t tried the Just One Year Carter’s line of clothes at Target yet, so I can’t comment on those. 

Child of Mine slippers: I bought Paulie a pair of Carter’s Child of Mine puppy dog slippers at Walmart, and they stay on him much longer than socks do, at least while he’s in his bouncy seat.  I haven’t tried the Child of Mine clothes because they feel scratchy.

Here’s a picture of Paulie, swaddled in one of his Aden & Anais blankets:

What are your favorite baby products?

I’m back!

Thank you, MommyintheMountains, for posting on my site– it encouraged me to get started again!

Paulie was born about two months ago.  He was actually born on his due date, which only about 5% of babies do!  He’s the best thing ever.  A lot of work, but still the best thing ever 🙂  This is him in one of his favorite places, his bouncy seat!

The end of pregnancy was difficult– I was SO tired and I had morning sickness the entire pregnancy (although it got a little better each trimester).  I gained over 70 lbs while I was pregnant– gulp!– because I drank so much soda, just to keep from getting sick.  I’m tall, but still, that’s a lot of weight.  My blood pressure got too high, and so Paulie had to get a fetal nonstress test twice a week at the end of the pregnancy.  I am sooooo glad not to be pregnant anymore– and also SO grateful for my beautiful little boy.

I had a very quick delivery and an easy recovery, physically.  Paulie had to stay in the hospital until he was 10 days old, because he got an infection– that was so scary and awful.  But he is 100% healthy now– actually quite strong and active, and a really good eater!  He regained his birth weight at 3 days old, and I think that he will double his birth weight by the time he’s 3 months old.  What an overachiever 🙂

Paulie is kind of funny-looking, and I mean that with all of the love in my heart.  He’s got these great big fingers on his hands that almost look like webs, and one eye kind of droops a little bit.  You can especially see it when he smiles.  I’m kind of worried about that, because it seems like somewhat of a recent thing, but he’s been totally fine at all of his well child checks, so I assume he’s okay.  A friend of mine’s son had a squinty eye as a baby, and he outgrew it. 

Paulie is an exceptionally beautiful baby (not that I’m at all biased!  😉  ).  People always think that he’s a girl– he’s got this incredibly beautiful skin, and my brother’s long eyelashes.  He has Sweetie’s father’s hair, curly and dark (at least, so far that’s what he’s got on the back of his head), and overall he looks a great deal like Sweetie.  When he was younger, I compared him to a picture of Sweetie as a baby, and the resemblance was incredible.  Sweetie says that Paulie has my chin, though, and a dear friend swears that he has my feet 🙂  I’ll take him anyway he comes 🙂

One more post and then I can finally take my Home Education magazines back to the library.  I just hate to lose track of all of the cool resources that I learn about!

Free, interactive online games:

The Quiddler Daily Puzzle:    kind of like Scrabble…


Games available for purchase:

Authors, from U.S. Game Systems– play Go Fish with famous authors and their works.  Also see their similar games, including Pioneers in Medicine, Scientists, and Exprlorers of the World.

I will be adding to this list as I come across more resources!

I found these resources in Home Education Magazine’s Sept-Oct 2009 issue, so I can’t take credit for discovering any of them.  But I liked them so much that I wanted to record them for future reference!  Rebecca Rupp, one of Home Education Magazine’s regular columnists, put these together.  Here are my favorites, which are the ones that are appropriate for elementary schoolers (the descriptions of the sites are my own):

Design Squad is a show on PBS in which high schoolers tackle really cool engineering problems, like building a remote-controlled, acquatic pet rescue vehicle.  The show’s website,, is an absolutely fabulous resource for parents, teachers, and, of course, kids!  You can watch past episodes of Design Squad, find instructions for builing your own, cool projects (like a hidden alarm), and even download a free educator’s guide called “10 Engineering Challenges for 9- to 12 Year-Olds.”  There’s even an online workshop to help educators learn to lead kids in engineering activities.  You can let your kids loose on their two online games.  I love this site!!

If you’d like more lesson plans and online resources, be sure to go to “Engineer, Go for It!” at , which is hosted by the American Society for Engineering Education.  Click on “For Teachers” to find lesson plans and class activities organized by grade level.  You can even read the eGFI magazine online.  It’s geared toward young people and has great pictures and short, interesting articles.

If you go to the website of the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association,, you can find a long list of teacher resource websites.  There are some materials that are only available to members, but the ample resources available to everyone make it more than worth the visit.

Find more resources and ready-to-use activities for elementary-level students at, the website of Children’s Engineering Educators, LLC.

Don’t forget the Legos!  Be sure to visit  Under Teaching Resources, look for activities such as the Dancing Robot!  An age range is given for each activity, and there are activities for kids as young as five.  You can’t go wrong with legos!

Brain P. Cleary also writes books to help kids with grammar.  I just finished reading Under, Over, By the Clover: What is a Preposition?, which is part of the Words are Categorical series.  The illustrations are fun, there’s not too much text on each page, the text rhymes, and the prepositions are in bold.  I do take issue with the fact that they deliberately end a couple of sentences in prepositions, but that’s just the stickler in me.  It’s a great book, and explains that prepositions tell about time, place, direction, and more.  And of course, there are ample examples of prepositions!

I’m looking forward to checking out Brian Cleary’s other grammar picture books, including A Mink, A Fink, a Skating Rink: What Is a Noun?, To Root, to Toot, to Parachute: What is a Verb?, and Hairy, Scary, Ordinary: What is an Adjective?  Paulie, be prepared to learn some grammar!  (Although I promise to wait until grade school for these particular books!)