I just wanted to jot down some cute little notes about our life with Paulie…

Paulie wore his dinosaur onesie the other day, that says “Snugglesaurus” on it, and Sweetie made up a Snugglesaurus song to sing to him.  They are so cute together 🙂

Yesterday Paulie and I went on a marathon 5 1/2 hour playdate!!  It was wonderful, I got together with two women I know from my old job.  Between the two of them they have 4 daughters and one son, and the girls just looooved Paulie.  And Paulie just looooved the attention!  He was absolutely wiped when we got home.  He didn’t get a proper nap while we were out on our playdate– he dozed off a few times but never stayed asleep for long.  Too much excitement!  🙂

This morning I attached Paulie’s play mirror to the toy bar of his bouncy seat.  I’d never seen him so excited and interested!  He “talked” to the baby in the mirror!  I loved it!

Right now Paulie is snuggled up asleep in my lap, dozing while I type 🙂  Pure bliss.

Here he is in his boucy seat, wearing his organic Under the Nile outfit:

Does anyone have any ideas for toys that will entertain a baby, while giving Mommy a chance to get things done?  He likes the toys on his toy bar, but he’s begun to get bored with them– surely there are other things that would entertain him?