I’m back!

Thank you, MommyintheMountains, for posting on my site– it encouraged me to get started again!

Paulie was born about two months ago.  He was actually born on his due date, which only about 5% of babies do!  He’s the best thing ever.  A lot of work, but still the best thing ever 🙂  This is him in one of his favorite places, his bouncy seat!

The end of pregnancy was difficult– I was SO tired and I had morning sickness the entire pregnancy (although it got a little better each trimester).  I gained over 70 lbs while I was pregnant– gulp!– because I drank so much soda, just to keep from getting sick.  I’m tall, but still, that’s a lot of weight.  My blood pressure got too high, and so Paulie had to get a fetal nonstress test twice a week at the end of the pregnancy.  I am sooooo glad not to be pregnant anymore– and also SO grateful for my beautiful little boy.

I had a very quick delivery and an easy recovery, physically.  Paulie had to stay in the hospital until he was 10 days old, because he got an infection– that was so scary and awful.  But he is 100% healthy now– actually quite strong and active, and a really good eater!  He regained his birth weight at 3 days old, and I think that he will double his birth weight by the time he’s 3 months old.  What an overachiever 🙂

Paulie is kind of funny-looking, and I mean that with all of the love in my heart.  He’s got these great big fingers on his hands that almost look like webs, and one eye kind of droops a little bit.  You can especially see it when he smiles.  I’m kind of worried about that, because it seems like somewhat of a recent thing, but he’s been totally fine at all of his well child checks, so I assume he’s okay.  A friend of mine’s son had a squinty eye as a baby, and he outgrew it. 

Paulie is an exceptionally beautiful baby (not that I’m at all biased!  😉  ).  People always think that he’s a girl– he’s got this incredibly beautiful skin, and my brother’s long eyelashes.  He has Sweetie’s father’s hair, curly and dark (at least, so far that’s what he’s got on the back of his head), and overall he looks a great deal like Sweetie.  When he was younger, I compared him to a picture of Sweetie as a baby, and the resemblance was incredible.  Sweetie says that Paulie has my chin, though, and a dear friend swears that he has my feet 🙂  I’ll take him anyway he comes 🙂