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Friends and family members have given me all sorts of wonderful clothes for Paulie.  I’m learning which brands I do and don’t like.  Here’s my summary so far:

Carter’s: Oh how I love Carter’s baby clothes.  They’re incredibly soft and they hold up really well in the wash.  Even after being washed many times they still look brand new– no pilling or fading.  Paulie won’t keep his socks or slippers on, so I put him in fleece footsie PJs at night, or in Carter’s cotton footsie duckie pants if he’s sweating.  All of Paulie’s Carter’s clothes are high quality, from the onesies to the pjs to the outfits.  If you’re lucky enough to have a Carter’s outlet store nearby, you can buy Carter’s clothing there at 50% off.  Babies R Us frequently has sales on Carter’s clothing, and I believe that Sears does as well.  I bought my favorite set of Carter’s onesies for Paulie at TJ Max, and paid $10 for a five-piece set.  I’ve also found some Carter’s outfits and pjs at Sam’s Club at a really good price.  The Carter’s off brands at Walmart and Target (Child of Mine and Just One Year, respectively) feel scratchy and also feel thinner than the regular Carter’s, and so I haven’t bought any of those.  I did receive a Just One Year outfit for Paulie, and it’s gotten pilled in the wash.  The “real” Carter’s are more than worth the money.

Cisco: This Target brand is super-soft, and they have a display where you can mix and match baby clothes for $4 a piece.  I bought a onesie for Paulie that was too cute for words– it had a fish on it and said “I’m a keeper.”  These do start to pill some in the wash after a while, but I’ll keep buying them because they’re so soft, so cute, and so well priced.

Faded Glory Organic Cotton: Yes, you can afford organic clothes for your baby!  Walmart has three-piece sets of organic baby clothes for $7.  Right now they also have Faded Glory Organic jean jackets and jeans– soooo cute.  Paulie will definitely be getting some of those once the weather cools off.  A friend bought me a three-piece set that had a onesie, a shirt and shorts.  They’re incredibly soft, and come in the same baby “trends” (this one had lobsters) as more expensive baby clothing.  (Not that I really care about the trends, but it was nice that I could match the red lobster outfit from Walmart with the lobster hat I bought on sale at Gymboree).

Gymboree: Gymboree clothes are just incredibly precious.  I absolutely love the styles.  Paulie has a little alligator outfit that a friend bought him, complete with alligator socks and a matching alligator rattle.  It’s absolutely adorable.  Paulie also has Gymboree footsie pjs that I bought secondhand from my favorite consignment store.  I can see why moms get addicted to Gymboree– I love, love, love the way these clothes look.  However, they really don’t hold up that well in the wash– they start to pill– and considering how expensive they are, I expected a lot better from them.  They are nice and soft, though, so I’ll probably continue to buy Gymboree clothes for Paulie, at least for outwear, since I won’t have to wash the outerwear that much.  There socks are the thickest, softest socks that Paulie has, and on top of being incredibly cute they don’t fray in the wash and let loose lots of tiny strings that could cut off the circulation on Paulie’s toes!  I’ll definitely keep buying their socks.  As far as their regular clothes, though, they’re really too expensive, especially considering how poorly they hold up in the wash.  I found an item on the sale rack for $18!  Seriously!?  For the short period of time that Paulie fits into his clothes?  I don’t think so.

Koala Brothers: Babies R Us sells this brand of incredibly cute clothes.  They hold up really well in the wash. 

Okie Dokie: This J.C. Penny brand


Hi!  Great news on the job front.  This past week I started nannying, and taking Paulie with me.  I’m nannying for a little boy (I’ll call him Munchkin here) who’s the same age as Paulie.  It’s working out incredibly well.  I’m able to make a little money without being seperated from my sweet little boy!  And since the boys are the same age, they’re interested in the same things.  We’re filling our days with long walks in the double stroller and with trips to the park.  I feel so lucky.

Here’s a picture of Paulie the day before he turned three months old:

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