I’ve decided to try out Elimination Communication with Paulie once he’s born.  I just finished reading the book Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygeine by Ingrid Bauer.  I have a friend who successfully used EC with her son, and so I’m looking forward to having her for support.

When I first heard of Elimination Communication, I thought it was absolutely crazy.  I mean, it sounded as if they were trying to potty train babies!  Seriously!?  But it turns out that it’s not so much about potty training as it is about potty communication.  I still plan to have Paulie in a diaper (to catch the times that I miss), but I plan to use EC at least part-time.  I’ll start by pottying him when he first wakes up in the morning, and after naps.  I figure, if I can learn to anticipate when he’s going to use the bathroom, and what nonverbal signals he gives when he’s about to use the bathroom, then I may as well take off his diaper and hold him over the toilet.  It seems that this is the way that many people in traditional societies take care of their babies.  It makes sense that there must be a way to keep babies clean, even for people who don’t have access to the facilities to wash diapers.  And obviously disposable diapers are a fairly modern invention.

Here are some websites on Elimination Communication/Natural Infant Hygeine, in case anyone’s interested:

www.naturalinfant.com  Ingrid Bauer’s website

www.diaperfreebaby.org  DiaperFreeBaby Support Network

6 weeks, 4 days until Paulie’s due!