When Norah learned that I don’t have a baby shower planned, she offered to throw one for me!  Yeah!  I can’t wait to celebrate Paulie in this special way.  And on a practical level, I wouldn’t mind getting help buying all of the things that Paulie needs.  It seems like there are just so many little things– burp cloths and bibs and socks, oh my!  I worry about the cost of all of those little things adding up.  So the baby shower will really help.  But mainly, I want to celebrate my pregnancy, and celebrate Paulie, with all of my wonderful friends!

So far, we have Paulie’s crib, changing table (well, it’s still at Grandma’s house, being put together), car seat, bare minimum number of cloth diapers, diaper bag, Snuggli, and what I think are enough clothes (How many times a day do you normally have to change a baby’s clothes, because of spit-up, etc?).  I’ll be breastfeeding him, at least he’s set in terms of food.  So we have the very basics, plus some nice extras.  I plan to buy a playyard with a bassinet insert for him if I don’t receive one at the baby shower.  He’ll sleep in the bassinet, right next to our bed, while he’s tiny, and then we’ll move him into bed with us.  He’ll take naps in his crib (that is, when I’m not taking naps with him!).  I don’t want him in our bed alone.  I’d like to get a stroller for him as well.  I’m not going to bother with the bouncy seat or the swing at this point.  It seems like some people buy really nice, expensive baby-holders but then the baby still cries to be picked up!  My plan is to wear him a lot.  Once he’s born, if he protests being put down to sleep, I’ll have him try out a swing or a vibrating bouncy seat in the store, and see if he likes them.  I don’t want to clutter up our apartment unnecessarily.

If anyone knows of good places to get discounts on baby stuff (or budget substitutions for baby items), like disposable breast pads, I’d love to hear about them!  Obviously I won’t be putting things like that on my registry!