As of today, I officially have 11 more weeks until Paulie is due!  Ahhh!  I can’t wait!  I often feel so excited that I’m like a kid before Christmas.  I want to curl my hands up into fists and jump up and down like a three year-old and say, “I want it to be May!  I want it to be May!”  Thankfully February flew by, and March is moving at a pretty good pace, so he’ll be here before I know it!

His car seat came in the mail not too long ago.  I’m not installing it right away because I’m afraid that someone might steal it– I’ll get it installed about a month before he’s due.  Now when I get into the car, I look into the back seat and imagine having Paulie’s car seat there, filled with my little baby boy!

Sweetie and I have a favorite saying that we like to tell Paulie.  We say, “Little boy, Great Big Joy!”  I think I’ll put that on his birth announcements 🙂

I found some inexpensive photo birth announcements at Sam’s Club.  I usually use Shutterfly for photos, but with shipping they can get expensive.  I can create and order Sam’s Club birth announcements online and then go and pick them up right in the store.  They have a cute birth announcement that has one large photo paired with little monkeys!  And they’re only $10 for 30 of them!   I can’t wait to have a precious baby boy to celebrate 🙂  He already brings so much joy into my life 🙂