Wow!  I can’t believe it’s March already.  Paulie will be here in no time!  (he’s due at the end of May).  This month will be busy with baby-preparation classes.  I’ve got infant/child CPR this Saturday, Prepared Childbirth two Saturdays after that, and then Breastfeeding Basics the last Saturday of the month.  I’m really looking forward to them.

Paulie’s Grandma and Grandpa came to town this past Sunday to help get his room ready!  His Grandpa put his crib together and his Grandma (Sweetie’s mom) took me out shopping for nursery stuff.  I really appreciate how wonderful Sweetie’s mom is to me.  My own Mom isn’t in my life, and so it’s been so nice to share baby-preparation stuff with my mother-in-law.  Other people may make jokes about mothers-in-law, but really, mine is wonderful (although I wish she wouldn’t try to clean my house when she comes to visit– it makes me nervous when she moves everything around.  I worry that I won’t be able to find something.)

So after Grandpa put the crib together (with no small amount of frustration), Grandma decided that we needed a bumper for the crib, and so she took me shopping.  She and I had fun getting baby stuff 🙂  In addition to a Breathable Baby bumper (the only bumper that I would allow in the crib, for safetly reasons), she decided that Paulie needed a mobile.  And a diaper stacker.  And matching wall hangings 🙂  It was so generous of her.  I would never buy things like a mobile or wall hangings for myself, since they’re not neccessary, but she was having fun being the grandma and so I had fun, too.  We did the whole room in pastel Winnie the Pooh.  The result was amazing.  Paulie’s room went from looking like a guest room with a crib in it to really looking like a baby’s room!  When Grandma and I got back from shopping she insisted on putting everything together (which I really appreciated).  So she set up the mobile, and found a place for the Pooh lamp, and she and Grandpa hung the wall  hangings, and I stuffed the diaper stacker with Fuzzi Bunz!  And the effect– wow!  It really looks like a baby’s room now!  Oh my goodness!  It’s so exciting!  I knew that having the crib set up would make Paulie’s impending arrival feel even more real, and I was right.  I look at the crib, alll set up with its sheet and bumper and everything, and I can tell that it’s just aching to have a sweet little boy in it!