I’m hoping to make the final Paulie preparations at the very beginning of May, since he’s due at the end of May.  I’ll get the car seat taken care of in April, and maybe order the rest of the diapers then, too (yeah for Amazon’s free shipping!).  I’ll pack the bags for the hospital at the beginning of May.  There are a bunch of little things that he still needs, like baby shampoo and baby wipes, but we can get most of that in town when we need to.  And really, at the end of the day, I’ve already got the breastmilk, and that’s what he needs most!

My mother-in-law gave us a *fabulous* baby food maker for Christmas.  Very fancy– it steams the food and does all sorts of neat stuff!  Definitely the fanciest item in our kitchen 🙂  She also gave me a really helpful baby food cookbook on what to feed babies at each stage.  Sweetie and I exchanged baby presents for Christmas and for my birthday last year, and so we already have a diaper bag, a soft infant carrier, the basics. No stroller yet, but I can walk with him snuggled up next to me in the infant carrier.  I’m trying not the let the Babies R Us culture convince me that I’m not ready for the baby unless our house is overflowing with stuff.  Paulie’s already got all of the love in the world.  That, plus a full belly, a clean bottom, and two parents to cuddle him, and he’ll be the happiest baby in the world.  🙂  He already has all he needs 🙂