The other day I watched Dr. Harvey Karp’s DVD on the “No-Cry Cuddle Cure.”  On it he demonstrates the “5 S’s” that he describes in his book: Swaddling, Side/Stomach Position, Shushing, Swinging, and Sucking.  I’d read his book, The Happiest Baby on the Block, and I watched the DVD so that I could see his baby-calming magic in action!

After watching the DVD, I was scared out of my mind!  All of the parents featured in the DVD had come to Dr. Karp for help with their inconsolable babies.  One woman said that her daughter could cry for six hours in a row!  *Gulp*  I’m wondering, is this normal for babies!?  Is this a common problem?  I’d love to hear from other parents out there about their experiences with their babies.  Did you experience three months of colic?  What are your best baby-soothing strategies?  Help!  I’m scared!

Dr. Karp mentioned that in some cultures babies cry for less than a minute a day.  Does anyone have any idea why babies in the U.S. might cry more? 

Sweetie and I will be cosleeping with Paulie, and we’ll be wearing him or otherwise holding him a great deal.  Are most babies happy as long as they’re being held?  (assuming that their bellys are full and their diapers are changed?)

I would love to hear about your experiences!  Thank you!!