I love being pregnant.  I definitely would not have said that during the first trimester (oh, no), when I was floored by all of the morning sickness and fatigue.  But now, in Paulie’s second trimester, pregnancy is wonderful.  I love having a big belly that advertises, “I’m pregnant!”  I’m so proud of my expanding belly– my little boy is growing big and strong!  I love being able to feel Paulie move– he’s so interactive!  He responds to his daddy’s voice, and he also responds to the base when I play music in the car.  Lately Sweetie and I have been playing a game called, “Where’s Paulie?”  Sweetie will say, “Where’s Paulie?” and Paulie will get really still in anticipation as Sweetie and I say, “I don’t know, where his he?”  Then Sweetie will say, in a super-excited voice, “There’s Paulie!!” and Paulie will go nuts.  He does his excited “daddy dance” and I just laugh and laugh because it tickles me from inside!  Paulie’s caught on to this game– he ‘s so smart, already!– I can tell because he anticipates the excitement that follows “Where’s Paulie?”  Such a smart little boy!  He takes after his daddy 🙂

Being able to interact with Paulie, and to interpret his movements to the world, has been one of the best parts of being pregnant.  I know when Paulie’s asleep and when he’s awake.  I know when he’s excited and, yes, even when he’s annoyed!  He’s not a morning person, and so if daddy tries to talk to him in the morning, Paulie gives a feeble kick as if to say, ‘Uuh, leave me alone!”  Again, like his daddy– not a morning person.  🙂

I have to admit, I love the way people treat me when they see that I’m pregnant.  They make me feel so special 🙂  A clerk at the grocery store actually had one of the employees someone push my cart out to my car with me and load up the groceries!  Wow!  I was blown away!  I’ve shopped at that grocery store for years and that’s never happened before!  It reminds me of when I was young, and living in a small town in South Carolina.  A clerk would push my mom’s grocery cart out to the car for her and hold it while she loaded us into our car seats.  So special 🙂  I love living in the South.

I’ve really loved sharing the miracle of this pregnancy with Sweetie.  Sweetie has always been exceptionally kind, loving, tender, thoughtful, considerate, and romantic (I know!  I’m so lucky!)  So he sets the bar pretty high to begin with.  But since I’ve been pregnant, I feel like a queen on a pedestal.  I love the way that he looks at me, with the love in his eyes and the admiration for what my body is doing.  I feel like, by growing Paulie, I’m giving him (and me!!) the best gift ever.  This pregnancy hasn’t been easy on Sweetie.  I’ve been sick and tired a lot, and we’ve had some real scares with Paulie.  But Sweetie has been by my side every step of the way.  He left work early to accompany me to an emergency ultrasound.  (It turns out that everything is fine– PHEW!!).  He strokes my hair lovingly when I’m having morning sickness.  And last week he was up in a flash in the middle of the night when we had to go to the hospital because we thought I was having contractions (turned out to be a different, non-dangerous side effect of pregnancy– what a relief!  It’s way too early for Paulie to be born).  Before I was pregnant, I would have said that anyone would be hard-pressed to find a man as loving, gentle, and faithful as mine.  And since I’ve been pregnant, I have to say, he’s even outdone himself!  I am so lucky.  And so grateful 🙂