I came across some wonderful information on breastfeeding toddlers.  I hope to breastfeed Paulie until he weans himself.

This first blog post has great references on the benefits of breastfeeding for both toddlers and their mamas!:  http://codenamemama.com/2009/12/01/mama-milk-dance/

This website also has thorough information on the benefits of extended breastfeeding– the best site I’ve found so far: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/bfextended/ebf-benefits.html

Here’s a post from another blog: “Breastfeeding until Age 3, 4, or 5: More Common than You Think? http://crunchydomesticgoddess.com/2009/01/02/breastfeeding-until-age-3-4-or-5-more-common-than-you-think/

I had to include a link from Mothering magazine, because I just love this magazine!  http://www.mothering.com/Extend-Breastfeedings-Benefits

I would love to hear about other people’s favorite resources for extended breastfeeding, or about any of your personal experiences!