Three of my friends are planning on having babies in the next year or two.  I thought I’d share some of the unique baby gifts I’ve found online, in case you have a baby shower coming up:

BabyLegs Leg Warmers  When Paulie’s at home, he’ll just wear a t-shirt, diaper, and leg warmers– that way I won’t have to remove his pants or unsnap a onsie every time I need to change him.  These are very practical and incredibly cute.  I’m partial to their “funky” line, which has patterns like Rainbow and Flame.  Available in regular, supersoft, and organic.

Baby Egg Nest  Three pairs of organic socks are rolled up to look like eggs.  They come in a nest with a beautiful bird sachet for the expecting mother.  Too precious.  The socks are available in dusty pink or dusty blue.

Baby Diaper Sundae  I love diaper cakes, but most are prohibitively expensive.  You can make one yourself using instructions that are available online, or you can opt to give a diaper sundae instead.  These diaper sundaes are made of six newborn-size diapers, a teddy bear, two burp clothes, a wash cloth, a receiving blanket, a bib, and a fork and spoon.  Available in pink, yellow, or blue.

Cupcake Onesies  These adorable cupcakes are actually onesies packaged in an incredibly cute keepsake box.  You can buy sets of two, four, or six “cupcakes.”  Available in pink, yellow, or blue, or in unbleached organic cotton.

MooMee Organic Bodysuit in Milk Carton  If you’re looking for something fun that’s not too cutsie, this may be the ticket.  A cow print onsie is packaged in a decorative milk carton.  The cotton and dyes are organic, and the entire product is sweatshop-free.  Available in sizes 3-6 months or 6-12 months.

Babygags Organic Cotton Bib Set  These brightly-colored bibs are packaged in cute little baby food jars.  The bibs are made using organic cotton and dyes, and the entire product is sweatshop-free.  Available in strawberries and oranges or carrots and peas.

Have fun shopping!