I was so excited about this product, that I just had to tell everyone about it.  Don’t worry, I’m not selling it 😉  It’s a stainless steel baby bottle.  I was thrilled to hear about this because using plastic bottles makes me really, really nervous.  Plastic leaches into liquids (among other things), and heat and plastic are not a good combination, and so even using a BPA-free plastic bottle didn’t seem safe enough to me.  But the thought of using a glass bottle doesn’t seem safe, either.  Maybe if I weren’t so clumsy.  I know that the glass bottles come with silicone sleeves, to make them less breakable but, well, if you’d seen my kitchen after I’d “exploded” our glass blender, and narrowly escaped injury… well, you’d understand why I’m nervous about glass.  No glass near my baby!!

I was reading a back issue of Parents magazine when I learned about The Safe Starter, a stainless-steel baby bottle from Kidbasix.  It comes with a silicone nipple, and has a silicone sleeve, which insulates it and also protects your hands from the warm metal.  Yes, it probably wouldn’t be good to get whopped with a stainless steel bottle if your baby decided to throw it, but at least it wouldn’t break.  And it’s not made of plastic!!!!

You can learn more about The Safe Starter here: http://www.kid-basix.com/thesafestarter.php  It comes in 5 oz and 9 oz sizes, in pink, blue, or green.  You can purchase nipples designed for 0-3 months old, 3-6 months old, and 6 months +.  In addition to this site, I’ve seen it for sale on Amazon and on the 1-800 Diapers website.  I’ve added a 9 oz bottle, in blue, to my baby registry for Paulie!

I’ll be breastfeeding Paulie, so he won’t be getting a bottle that often.  Only when I’m away from him for some reason.  But still, I only want him exposed to the safest stuff.  I don’t think I’m being overprotective– I think I’m just being a mom 🙂