They’re calling for 6-10 inches of snow!  Woo-hoo!  Boy, is it coming down out there!

I live in the South (yes, with a capital ‘S’, below the Mason-Dixon line), and while we get snow every winter, we’re not used to getting more than a few inches at a time.  But the weekend before Christmas, we got 2 FEET of snow!  Yes, 2 FEET!!  Incredible!  It was bad enough that mail delivery was cancelled for two days.  I’ve never known the weather to be bad enough that the mail didn’t come.

My family and I were really lucky in the last snow storm.  The roads were slippery driving home that Friday night, but I made it home safe and sound.  I found out the next day that a lot of people had gotten stuck in their cars overnight.  Can you imagine, spending the night in the cold,  in your car!?  That especially scares me being pregnant, with my body (and little Paulie’s!) so much more vulnerable than usual.  The news reported people being rescued from their cars the following morning.  Other people weren’t able to make it to their homes in the county, and ended up staying in hotel rooms in the city.  Others made it home, but only after hours of perilous driving.  Phew.  We were so lucky.  It makes me grateful to live in town.

When I found out that we were getting more snow, I have to admit that maybe I overreacted a little bit.  They were originally calling for 3-6 inches, and then changed the forecast to just 3-5 inches, which is still a good amount for around here.  But the weather channel said that, south of our city, they’d be getting up to 12 inches of snow.  I remembered from our most recent snow storm that the amount of forecasted snow kept going up and up as the storm got closer.  So even though we were doing fine on groceries, I went to the grocery store and bought a lot of groceries.  A LOT.  I was just nervous after the last snow storm.  We’d been snowed in for days.  We live in the city, right near two main roads, but our parking lot always gets dangerously icy, so getting to the road is perilous.  Also, even though it’s a main road, for some reason the road next to us never seems to be properly salted and plowed.  So when I heard that we were getting snow again, I prepared to be snowed in for a couple of days.

Well, I’m glad that I listened to my protective, motherly instincts 🙂 and bought groceries yesterday, because I checked the weather this morning, and now they’re saying we’ll get 6-10 inches of snow.  I felt bad having my husband haul all of that in from the car yesterday, when he was really tired, but now I’m glad that we’re well-stocked.  Of course, everyone else in town had the same good idea yesterday– must get to the grocery store!  I think I’ve only once seen it more crowded than this once.  I have to admit that there was one item where I just bought everything they had on the shelf!  (canned fruit)  There was apprehension in the air at the grocery store, but they knew the snow was coming and were well-stocked.  I’m guessing that everyone else, like me, was extra-nervous after the last storm.

The snow is falling, and it’s so beautiful and peaceful.  Now that I know that we’re safe and well-stocked, and prepared in the event of the emergency, I can relax and just enjoy having a snow day with my guys, born and unborn 🙂