Paulie’s typical day (as you can see, he’s quite the night owl):

7:00am:  Mommy wakes up.  Paulie is still fast asleep.

7:30am:  Daddy wakes up.  Paulie hears Daddy’s voice and, bleary-eyed, gives Daddy a couple of good morning kicks, then immediately falls back to sleep.

7:30am – 1:30pm:  night-night time

12 noon:  Submit lunch request to Mommy via cravings (he LOVES egg salad on whole wheat!!).

1:30pm:  Paulie’s preferred wake-up time.  “Hello world!  It’s me, Paulie!”  KickKickKickKickKick!

2:00-3:00pm:  Karate practice

3:00-4:30pm:  Worn out from karate practice; Nap time

4:30pm:  Wake up briefly to see if Daddy’s around yet.  After a few kicks, fall back to sleep.

6:00pm:  “Wait, Mommy’s in the car!  That must mean we’re going home to see DADDY!!!!!”  Kick kick kick kick KICK!!

6:10pm:  At home.  Send Mommy to the refridgerator for half a gallon of pineapple orange juice and an an entire wheel of La Vache Qui Rit cheese.

6:30-10pm:  Kick (and sometimes punch!) to get Daddy’s attention.  Get deliriously happy when Daddy sings and talks to him.  Repeat.  🙂  🙂

10pm-12am:  Gymnastics (mostly flips)

12am – 3am:  Nap time

3am:  Wake Mommy up for nightime snack

3am – 5am:  PARTY TIME!!  WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!  Let’s dance!

5am:  Night-night time (!)

As you can imagine, my work schedule is very different from Paulie’s schedule, although I’ve had to adapt to his schedule a lot, out of a desperate need for sleep.  Paulie and I spend the wee hours of the morning together every day while he has his dance parties.  Is this a glimpse at what life will be like with a newborn?  (ee gads!)  If so, bring it on.  Any time with Paulie is special time 🙂