We have a pediatrician! (phew!)  Thank you to everyone who gave me advice on questions to ask.  I was so nervous about the interview with the pediatrician that I couldn’t sleep last night, and was anxious all day.  It’s just so important to me to find the right person to entrust Paulie’s health to.  And my husband and I plan to do a few things in a nontraditional way– no circumcision, extended breastfeeding– and I was afraid that I’d have trouble finding a doctor who was open to that.  But WE FOUND HER!!

I met with her this afternoon.  I immediately felt good about the office staff and the nurse who called me back– they were both warm and friendly, even though it was at the very end of their work day.  The office was clean and neat, and looked very kid-friendly.  There were a lot of children’s books out in the waiting room, and everything was in good repair.  But the doctor– oh, the doctor is great! 

I’d read about her online and knew that she was well-qualified.  She works part-time teaching at our local medical school, and she’s affiliated with the hospital where I’ll be delivering Paulie.  One of her research interests is in an area that’s of special concern to me.  I feel a lot better knowing that she’ll be especially well-read in this area.  But what really made me feel good was meeting her.  I knew that I needed a pediatrician who would truly listen to me, and take my concerns seriously, and explain things to me.  I know that this doctor will do all of those things.  I immediately felt relaxed with her, and she was really easy to talk to.  That’s so important to me– I don’t want to be so intimidated by Paulie’s doctor that I don’t bring things up, or don’t push my case when I’m worried about something.  This will not be a problem with her, I just know it.  And it’ll be easy to talk to her when I occasionally have to talk about slightly embarrassing things, like the contents of Paulie’s diaper…

She gave me an overview of the practice (which is associated with a very highly regarded hospital), and she answered my questions.  Then she asked me a few questions about the pregnancy and about Sweetie’s and my medical history.  I felt good knowing that she already knows some important things about Paulie.  I asked what I needed to do to set things up so that she’d be Paulie’s pediatrician, and she said– I don’t need to do anything!  When I deliver Paulie, and am asked who his pediatrician is, I’ll just give her name, and the hospital will even set up Paulie’s first appointment with her for me!  And they’ll transfer all of his records to her practice!  It’s that simple!  I’m so glad that my obstetrician and pediatrician are both associated with the same hospital– it just  makes things so much easier.  (We are fortunate enough to have two hospitals in town, that have different strengths and weaknesses.)

I’ve taken care of babies before, but I always knew that, if the child got sick or there were some sort of emergency, that I could call the child’s parents.  Now that I’M the parent, I feel so scared of that responsibility.  What if something’s wrong with Paulie, and I don’t know it?  Knowing that I have a pediatrician I can rely on, someone I can call with my concerns, really, really makes me feel better.  I’m not a doctor! But I now have a doctor to look after my Paulie 🙂  I feel so much better now!!