Getting Paulie’s crib was one big dose of reality.  Visiting the pediatrician’s office today was another big dose.  Being there made my son’s upcoming arrival seem even more real.  I saw the scale where they’ll weigh Paulie, the examination room where he’ll get his shots.  While I sat in the exam room and waited to speak with the doctor, I imagined myself bringing Paulie there in a few months.  It all felt so real.  When I talked to the doctor, I asked about the practice’s well-child schedule.  Paulie will get checked out in the hospital, of course, and then my new pediatrician (!!) will see Paulie a couple of days after he’s discharged from the hospital.  Then she’ll see him again when he’s two weeks old, and again at two months, and so on with the standard well child schedule.  Having these plans in place makes Paulie seem even more real– this summer I’ll have a real little boy to take to the pediatrician.  I hadn’t thought about a lot of specifics for after Paulie’s born, and having this time-table set for his care makes his birth seem more… shall I say it again… real?  And also more imminent. 

Sometimes it feels like pregnancy takes forever (like when I’m dealing with morning sickness, or struggling with a migraine that I can’t take my meds for).  But now that I have a schedule for what will  happen after Paulie’s born– well, it feels like the clock is ticking, the count down is on!  Hooray!!