I’m going to start interviewing pediatricians, to find one for Paulie.  I’m really nervous about this.  I’m going to be entrusting Paulie’s healthcare to someone!  That’s a lot of trust, especially for a nervous new mom!  If anyone has any suggestions for questions that I should ask at the interview, I’d love to hear them!

I’ll be sure to ask what they do about problems after-hours (I’m assuming that there will be a doctor on call to answer questions if Paulie gets sick).  I want to know if there are separate waiting rooms for sick kids and for kids who are just there for their well child visits.  I want to know how often they’ll be checking in on my Paulie, too 🙂  I’m going to see if the doctor has any special experience with the sorts of things that tend to run in my family– allergies, ear infections.  I already know that this practice is affiliated with one of the best hospitals in the area, and I’ve already heard good things about this practice.  If anyone has suggestions for other questions I should ask, please let me know!  Thank you!!