On Saturday we got Paulie’s crib.  Having a baby feels more real than ever now– seeing the crib makes this reality sink in in a whole new way.  We got the crib from Ikea (I love Ikea!) and after we checked out, I just stood there staring at the crib mattress, realizing that there was going to be a baby boy lying on that mattress.  Oh my gosh!  It just feels real in a whole new way now.

Paulie’s crib is beautiful.  I can’t wait to put my baby boy in it.  The changing table that we wanted wasn’t in stock, and so my sister-in-law is going to pick it up when there are more.  We bought Paulie’s changing table pad and changing table covers while we were there, along with a couple of crib sheets.  But it’s the crib that makes me realize, “Holy cow!   We’re getting a baby!”  This is huge  I am so grateful.  What a blessing.