Paulie seems to have gotten used to his daddy’s work schedule.  Over the holidays, my sweetie had a couple of weeks off, and so Paulie got used to hearing his daddy’s voice all the time.  In addition, we had a big snow storm right before Christmas (we live in the part of the south that got TWO FEET of snow!!) and so were snowed in for a few days.  So Paulie got to hear daddy talk and sing to him all the time, and Paulie just ate it up.  It got to the point that, if I went out to run errands, Paulie would register that he hadn’t heard daddy’s voice in a little while, and would start kicking his special daddy-only kicks, as if to say, “Where are you, daddy!?”  This past Monday was sweetie’s first day back at work after Christmas break, but he left work early to come to the ultrasound appointment, and so Paulie didn’t have to go a whole day without hearing daddy’s voice.  Tuesday was sweetie’s first full day back at work.  Because one of our cars is still snowed in, I’ve been driving him to and from work, and so Paulie gets to hear daddy’s voice in the car.  Well, Tuesday afternoon I picked sweetie up from work and then dropped him off at home so that I could run errands.  Well, Paulie threw a fit!  My poor little guy was so upset!  He hadn’t heard daddy’s voice all day, and then I guess he got hopeful when he heard daddy’s voice in the car.  It just broke Paulie’s heart to hear daddy’s voice so briefly, and then be taken away from daddy again.  He kicked me so hard, the hardest that he’s ever kicked me.  Seriously, it was painful.  As I was running errands I could tell that Paulie was severely distressed, and it made me want to cry, knowing that my little boy was so upset (okay, the pain made me want to cry, too), so I cut my errands short so that I could bring Paulie back home to his daddy.  But Paulie had gotten himself so worked up, he was just inconsolable.  I tried everything to get  Paulie to fall asleep, because the kicking was hurting so much.  With lots of singing and rubbing my belly, I could get Paulie to calm down, but just when I thought he was finally asleep, I’d stop singing to him and he would start his sharp kicks again.  So I sang Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star over and over again (Paulie seems to like that one), and rubbed my belly soothingly, and it just wore me out!  I think I got a sneak peak of what it will be like to have a crying newborn in the house!

So Paulie and I have been taking sweetie to and from work every day this week, and Paulie seems to have gotten used to the schedule.  This morning he woke up when he heard daddy’s voice, and gave some big kicks in the car while daddy talked to him.  But he calmed down pretty quickly after I dropped sweetie off at work.  I guess he’s gotten used to daddy’s schedule.  I’m a little worried about what next Monday will hold, though, after Paulie gets to hear daddy’s voice for two full days this weekend.  It breaks my heart to know that my little one is so upset.  I’m hoping that, after a couple more weeks, he’ll get used to his daddy’s schedule, and will be able to enjoy having daddy home on the weekends without being completely heartbroken when daddy goes back to work.  😦  My poor little guy!  It’s so neat that the two of them have bonded so much already!