My husband and I are expecting our first child.  Last Monday we found out the gender.  We’re having a beautiful little boy.  Watching him on the ultrasound screen was just magical.

I know that some people prefer to keep their child’s gender a surprise until birth, but I figured, it could be a surprise now or it could be a surprise later.  And I looked forward to being able to call our child by name, instead of saying “it” or “the baby.”  Finding out the gender ahead of time had some benefits that I didn’t expect.  It makes Paulie (our baby) seem that much more real to me.  When I imagine life with our child, somehow the images have more shape to them.  As my sweetie and I drove home from the ultrasound, I imagined having a little boy sitting in the back, kicking the back of our seats.  I feel like I’ve been able to bond with Paulie even more now that I can call him by name.  Being able to feel his kicks has really helped me bond with him– I love that Paulie and I are able to interact.  And I love knowing when he’s sleeping and when he’s awake; when he’s excited and when he’s calm (boy, do I know when he’s excited!).  I’m so glad that we found out our baby’s gender ahead of time.  Little Paulie seems more real to me than ever, and feels like more a part of our family than ever 🙂  I feel so fortunate 🙂